Perceptive Business Solutions, Inc. was formed in 2001 by Bryce M. Sanders to provide High Net Worth client acquisition training to the Financial Services industry.

Financial Advisors across the country have consistently voice three challenges when asked about marketing to HNW individuals:

    1. I'm having difficulty building a HNW clientele. I don't know these people because I don't move in the same circles;
    2. I know who these people are but I don't know how to talk with them in social situations;
    3. I know these people; they know who I am and what I do for a living but they have never approached me.
      How do I transform social relationships into business relationships?


Perceptive Business Solutions has developed a series of training seminars for Financial Advisors to address the core issues above plus additional specialized topics.

The seminars are based on personal experience (20+ years with a major financial services firm) plus interviews with:

  • Successful financial advisors nationwide
  • Professionals in different businesses that require the same skills
  • Wealthy individuals who are approached for business on a regular basis
The seminars include Group Training sessions, Action Plans, One on One sessions plus follow-up. Our most frequent clients are:

  • Branch offices of Financial Services firms
  • Service and product providers to the industry
  • Planners for regional or national training event


Click here for a listing of Seminar Topics or contact us directly.

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