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Captivating the Wealthy Investor by Bryce Sanders
The Guide to Identifying, Meeting and Cultivating the Invisible Rich

Captivating the Wealthy Investor has been written to enable Financial Advisors to efficiently develop a High Net Worth clientele by becoming part of the fabric of their community and developing personal relationships with the wealthiest 2-5% of the population within your market.


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Topics include:

Identifying the Invisible Rich

  • What are the wealthiest geographic sections of your market?
  • How can you identify people within the wealthiest 2-5% of the population by name and contact information?
  • Do senior executives of public companies live in your area?
  • How can you find them?
  • How do you identify philanthropists?
  • Who are the owners of high profit margin businesses and other successful business owners in the local area?

Where to Meet and Socialize With Wealthy Individuals

  • You can't call these people (Do Not Call Registry) but it can be easier to meet them socially - How?
  • What are the four key characteristics the ideal organization should possess?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How much time does it take?
  • Who do you need to know?
  • What do you do?
  • How do you raise your visibility?

Talking With Wealthy People (and Getting Them to Like You)

  • There's a billionaire across the room - What are three strategies for meeting them?
  • What makes a person interesting to wealthy individuals?
  • How can they tell if you are sincere?
  • When asked "What do you do?" What do you say?
  • How to discretely probe for information
  • You want to see these people again - What do you do?

Transforming Wealthy Friends Into Clients

  • Why friends will/won't do business with other friends
  • Why people prefer to do business with friends
  • How wealthy people prefer to be approached
  • Three strategies to approach friends and acquaintances to do business
  • Ten "One liners" to casually and discretely ask friends to do business

Also included are topics on short term strategies such as:

Why You? Establishing Your Brand

  • Why it's important to position your firm
  • What do wealthy investors look for in a financial advisor?
  • What do you offer? Is it offered by most, some or few others?
  • How can you position yourself and stand apart from your competitors
  • What reasons do other advisors give NOT to do business with YOU?

Prospecting in the Age of the Do Not Call List

  • What are the "Do Not Call" rules? How can you stay current?
  • What makes a good strategy? Why are some better than others?
  • What are the most effective prospecting techniques utilized by financial advisors?
  • Eight innovative strategies used by advisors today

Eight Ways to Reach Your Prospects

  • People think of contact as mailings and cold calls - That's just the start.
  • Why it's important to use multiple channels to contact your prospect?
  • How many times must you reach a person before they notice you?


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