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June 2012 Fundfire How Can Advisors Tap Friends For Referrals?
May 2012 How to Turn Friends into Clients


Dec 2011 FT Fin'l Adviser UK It's Time to Party
Dec 2011 FT Fin'l Adviser UK Softly, Softly Approach
Dec 2011 Horsesmouth 11 Tricky Questions You'll Hear at Holiday Parties
Nov 2011 MDRT Magazine Business With Friends
Oct 2011 Professional Adviser UK How to Win Over a Wary Customer
Oct 2011 FT Fin'l Adviser UK Behind the Wall
Oct 2011 Horsesmouth Cross Selling: When Its Practical and How to Do It
Oct 2011 Professional Adviser UK Time Management: Seven Problems and Solutions
Oct 2011 InsuranceNewsNet Say This, Not That
Sept 2011 FT Fin'l Adviser UK City by the Sea
Sept 2011 Horsesmouth 15 Pointers for Discussing Down Markets
Sept 2011 Professional Adviser UK Four Common Client Fears (and How to Ease Them)
Aug 2011 FT Fin'l Adviser UK It’s a Stick Up
July 2011 Horsesmouth Establishing Competence on the Phone with a European Approach
June 2011 Horsesmouth 10 Myths That Lead to Losing Clients
May 2011 Horsesmouth 6 Ways your Assistant Can Position You for Business
May 2011 Horsesmouth How to Raise fees and Remove Discounts
May 2011 InsuranceNewsNet Penetrating the Social Fabric of a Small Town
May2011 MDRT Magazine Overcome Recession Objections
April 2011 Horsesmouth Cross Selling - Think Like a Banker…
Mar 2011 Horsesmouth Ten Steps for HNW Prospecting on the High Seas
Feb 2011 Horsesmouth School Sports and the Financial Advisor
Feb 2011 FT Fin'l Adviser UK Life in the Fast Lane
Jan 2011 FT Fin'l Adviser UK Cruel Intentions
Jan 2011 Horsesmouth Doing Business With Friends - Four Viewpoints
Jan 2011 FT Fin'l Adviser UK Lend a Listening Ear

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