It's all about finding and retaining the right client relationships. These strategies explore how to 'win your share'.
Each seminar is 60 minutes in length.

Seminars include Presentations. Action Plans, One-on-One sessions with individual Financial Advisors or teams,
and follow-up conference calls. Please contact us for more information.

Client Acquisition Proactive Daily Prospecting Strategies
Competing in the HNW Marketplace Client Acquisition Through Seminars
Closing Business Planning

Client Acquisition

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Competing in the HNW Marketplace

  • Why You? - Establishing Your Value With HNW Prospects
    Why should I do business with you? What do you offer that is also offered by most, some or few others? What do HNW clients want? How do successful advisors explain their value? How do other advisors compete for your clients

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  • Addressing Recession Objections
    Some people need complaints addressed before they act. Others listen but stay on the sidelines. Some relationships show early warning signs of leaving. How can you proactively address each scenario?

  • Closing the Business: How to Ask For the Order
    Volatile markets make clients nervous. How do you get them to move? Why don't prospects make decisions? How can you tell when they are 'ready to buy'? How do you 'ask for the order'?

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Proactive Daily Prospecting Strategies

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Client Acquisition Through Seminars

  • Successful Seminar Strategies
    Rationale; 11 event types; Attracting the audience (80% of FA's time); Efficient follow-up immediately after the seminar.

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Business Planning

  • Perfecting Your Practice (Three Hours)
    Where are you now? Where would you like to be in five years? What trends are influencing the business? Where will new clients come from? How will you get them? What will you charge?

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