Knowledge Base – Explanation of Published Articles:

Many of the strategies presented in the seminars have also been addressed in articles published in print or online in industry publications.

The Knowledge Base section of the website gives you the opportunity to read many articles and learn about the strategies in greater details.

The Knowledge Base initially contains approximately 100 articles from the following four publications:

  • Financial Adviser (UK) – A Financial Times Publication
  • Professional Adviser (UK) – An Incisive Media publication
  • (Canada) – By Rogers Publishing
  • InsuranceNewsNet Magazine – Published by Insurancenewsnet
Questions and Answers:

1. Why are these articles useful?

  • You may have attended a semainar and wanted to review the strategies in detail;
  • You are considering a seminar for your advisors and want to learn about the strategies
  • You are facing a challenge and don’t want to reinvent the wheel finding a solution

2. How are British and Canadian articles useful for US advisors?

  • You speak English. They speak English. They face the same problems as you.
  • The strategies presented in seminars are similar from country to country
  • The financial services industries and the issues they face are similar to US issues

3. Are you published elsewhere? Why are those articles not included?

  • Several other publications carry articles;
  • Some of the websites are subscription sites. You would need to enroll to access them;
  • Some are included in online magazines. A link takes you to the cover page only.

4. Can I make lots of copies and hand them out in the office and to my friends?

  • No. Each publication copyrights articles. The linked page should have reprint info.
  • Circulating the link to advisors should be acceptable. You are driving them traffic.
  • Articles should be limited to readers in the financial services industry

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8 Strategies for Closing Sales by Year End

From Nov 22, 2017: In sales, how do you create a sense of urgency while acting in the interests of your client?

Why a Top Down Marketing Strategy is Attractive

From November 2017: Instead of getting people interested, then learning if they have the assets to qualify, approach it from the opposite direction

Why Sales and Dating are Practically the Same

From November 2017: The rules of dating also apply when tactfully cultivating prospects for business

How Wealthy Friends Prefer Being Approached for Business

From October 2017: Your wealthy friends are constantly asked to invest or contribute to worthy causes

12 Unlikely Places to Make Business Contacts

From September 2017: Advisors with busy social lives often meet people who could be ideal prospects under the right circumstances

How to Get Someone Interested in Doing Business with You

From September 2017: You do a spectacular job on behalf of your clients. Does this confidence and enthusiasm come across to your prospect?

7 Ways to Convert Community involvement into Leads

From August 2017: You meet people and they know other people. Mentioning your name is a natural thing to do logo supports the professional growth and vitality of the investment advisory community, from RIAs and wealth managers of all kinds to independent broker-dealer and wirehouse representatives. We provide unparalleled access to the knowledge, information and critical resources they need to succeed in every stage of their career, including professional development, education and certification, industry news and analysis, reference tools and services, and community networking opportunities.

8 10 Things Friends Need to Know Before They Do Business

From November 2017: Your friends might think all your clients are wealthier than they are

8 Ways for Agents to Answer, What Do You Do?

From October 2017: When answering this question, we want to invite them in, not push them away

6 Ways for Social Prospectors to Read the Room

From September 2017: Look before you leap because some people may be in the room, but not in the mood

One Liners for Asking Friends to Do Business with You

From July 2017: Five fast and easy questions or expressions to drop into conversations

5 More One Liners for Asking Friends to do Business with You

From September 2017: More expressions do drop into casual conversations, because nothing ventured is nothing gained

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From January 2016: There’s a case for staying at the firm that hired you and another case for moving across the street

Breaking Price Increases Gently

From June 2014: The financial services industry is one of the few fields where people are reluctant to tell customers costs are rising

Majority Rules, Minority Rights

From November 2017: What happens when the firm’s founder finds themselves a minority shareholder in the business they built?

Getting a Handle on Your Destiny

From April 2014: How do annuities work? What does each party expect from the other?

10 Reasons to invest Face to Face over Online

From February 2014: What value does a financial advisor bring to the relationship?

What to do When a Romance Turns Sour

From January 2013: Long term client relationships sometimes get taken for granted by some advisors