Captivating the Wealthy Investor: Forming New HNW Relationships in Today's Market


Four Core Topics  

When asked “What topics relating the marketing to HNW individuals would you like to learn about?” Financial Advisors across the country have frequently requested two topics:

  • How do you talk with HNW individuals in social situations?

  • What are the best ways to transition social relationships to business relationships?

A series of four topics (60 minutes in length) address these issues in detail:

  1. Identifying the Invisible Rich and the People Who Influence Them – How do you define your market?  Can census and demographic information identify pockets of wealth?  Can you identify individuals within the top 2 - 5% of your market by name and  address? Who are local influencers? How can they help?

  2. Where to Meet and Socialize with Wealthy Individuals – Which community organizations attract wealthy individuals? What characteristics should they possess? What do you need to join? How much time does it take?  What do you do?  What does it cost?  How can you raise your visibility? 

  3. Talking with Wealthy People and Getting Them To Like You – How to start a conversation when meeting a person for the first time.  Explaining ‘what you do’. Learning about their interests and passions.  How to discretely probe for information.  Initiating a second meeting and developing a social relationship.  Why wealthy people still make new friends. 

  4. Transforming Wealthy Friends into Clients – Explaining to social acquaintances ‘What you do.’  Asking for referrals based on specific situations.  Why some HNW individuals will or won’t do business with people they know socially. What are the obstacles and how can you overcome them?

The series is based on personal experience along with interviews with Financial Advisers and other professionals who are successful at meeting HNW individuals and developing social relationships.  Interviews with HNW individuals who are frequently asked for business examined different approaches and how they choose with whom to do business.

Seminars include presentations, Action Plans, 1:1’s with individual Financial Advisors or teams and follow-up conference calls.  Please contact us for more information.