The Executive Summary

What Does the Training Address?
  • All advisors must add new HNW relationships to their practice.
  • Four core topics address how to Identify, Meet, Cultivate and Convert prospects within the wealthiest 2 – 5% of the local population into clients;
  • Additional topics address selling the firm, closing, overcoming objections and other aspects of client acquisition and retention

Who is the target audience?
    • New advisor audiences – Client acquisition is their major focus

    • Senior advisors – Know these prospects socially, need approach strategy

    • Mid Level advisors -  Need effective strategies within their comfort zone

    • Fast tracking advisors -  Want pool of fresh prospects, proven strategies

  • How much time does it take?

    • Each topic is 45 – 60 minutes (Four core topics fit into four hours)

  • What makes the training unique?  Of value to my advisors?

    • Research is customized for local market

    • Reinforces importance of financial planning, professional money mgmt

    • Follow-up included in training price

    • “You determine what fits into a day” – One or multiple locations

  • What kind of follow-up is provided?

    • Two conference calls/webinars per presentation day

    • Series of six short, biweekly summary e-mails (over three months)

    • Advisors are welcome to call or e-mail with questions (No add’l cost)

  • What does it cost?  Who Pays?

    • $ 4,000.00 (Four thousand dollars) per presentation day plus travel

    • Value added training is often supported through outside sponsorship.